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All of our soap is handcrafted in small batches with real bottled beer.  Most of the beer we use is locally brewed right here in the Central Valley.  I personally test each and every batch 24 hours after they are made.  If it is gentle enough for me to use straight out of the mold, you can bet that I will trust you to use it on yourself, your children, and your pets after they are cured and wrapped.

Why do we use beer in our soap? 

Brewers Yeast:  Brewer’s yeast is formed from a one-celled fungus and has been used for many years as a supplement.  It contains many of the B complex vitamins.  Brewer’s yeast has been shown to improve acne and decrease inflammation and the risk of skin cancer.

Panthothenic Acid: This is also known as Vitamin B5, which is used to clear up skin disorders.  People apply panthothenic acid to the skin for itching, promoting healing of mild eczemas and other skin conditions, insect stings, bites, poison ivy, diaper rash, and acne.  It is also applied topically for preventing and treating skin reactions to radiation therapy.

Hops: These are the flowers on the vines that are used in the making of beer.  When they are processed during brewing, the essential oils of the flowers are released into the beer.  Essential oils have been used for centuries as a natural medicine for countless ailments.

Xanthohumol: This bioactive molecule which is present in the hops found in beer has been shown to have antioxidant and anti-cancer effects 100 times that of green tea and soy.

Barley: Barley is a grain and contains Vitamin C, antioxidants, and minerals.  It works to reduce inflammation.  The selenium contained in the barley helps enhance skin elasticity, making your skin suppler, and reducing the look of fine lines and wrinkles.  The antioxidants in barley reduce the signs of aging.  Barley water can be used to flush out toxins in the skin, making the skin look more youthful.  Barley also contains zinc, which acts as a healing agent to diseases of the skin, acne, and lesions.

Water:  Water is a key ingredient in making beer.  Water helps flush out toxins and hydrate your skin.


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